Drain Lining

Drainage lining is a quick and effective solution for many situations. Saving time, disruption and costs from expensive excavations. Pipe-line renovation/ lining can be used to seal and restore damaged pipe-work to its original condition. If your old clay drains have cracks, holes, brakes, open/displaced joints or leaks, or you have disfigured and de-laminated Pitch-fibre pipes, corroding/blistering iron pipes, drainage lining may be the answer for any of these problems.

We first start by apply a specialist resin to the PVC-u felt sleeve, which is then installed inside the old drainage pipe. Once positioned in place, a specialist calibration hose is then impregnated inside the liner, shaping and forming to the walls of the pipe. Once cured, we are then able to remove the calibration hose leaving a newly reformed pipe-line. We renovate pipe-lines from 100mm to 600mm including culverts, sewers, commercial and domestic drainage systems.

Benefits include:

  • Minimal or no-dig required.
  • Quick to install with no disruption.
  • Improves flow and drain condition.
  • Continual pipe with no joints improving integrity.
  • More robust & resistant than most pipe materials.
  • Cost effective and cheaper than pipe replacement.
  • Longer life and guarantee then repalcing drains.
  • Recognised and approved by councils, utilities, surveyors and loss adjusters.

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